La Canoa

La Canoa – Rosebud: Population 7

All events at the NHCC through April 9, 2020 have been cancelled / postponed. Please call the NHCC at 505-246-2261 for more information. 2pm – 4pm Giving shape and form to the rich cultural heritage of family and homeland. Erlinda Gonzales Berry reads and discusses her coming-of-age collection of stories as the product of remembering, of giving shape and form to the rich cultural heritage bequeathed to her by her antepasados and beloved homeland. “As I attempt to shape the final stage of my journey on this (more…)

La Canoa – Past, Present, and Future: Mujeres Valerosas and the Hispanic Women’s Council

2 pm – 4 pm The Hispanic Women’s Council (HWC) was formed in Albuquerque in 1988 to “promote, support, and create opportunities for Hispanic Women.” Local women came together to help each other  advance in their professions, increase the number of women participating in policy-making, and serve as role models for other women. Each woman in the HWC has her own story of success and accomplishment, and these have been captured in the book, Mujeres Valerosas, published by the HWC in 2000. Join us for readings from (more…)

La Canoa – Nina Otero-Warren: New Mexican 20th Century Mujerota

2 pm – 4 pm In celebration of the 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial, please join Dr. Anna Nogar as she explores the many facets of Nina Otero Warren. Early 20th century nuevomexicana Adelina “Nina” Otero-Warren ran for national office as a Republican candidate to Congress from New Mexico in 1922, shortly after women gained the right to vote. An advocate of suffrage, Otero-Warren achieved political prominence for her promotion of Spanish/English education, and involvement in educational and health efforts supporting Indo-Hispano nuevomexicanos. Otero-Warren authored Old Spain in (more…)

La Canoa – Giving Baque: On Hemispheric Indigeneities and the Southern Border of New Mexico

2 pm – 4 pm Building on and departing from the work of interethnic thought-leaders in New Mexico, Dr. Gregorio Gonzales will consider how competing logics of settler-statecraft and Native American nationhood operate in a place of both Native- and nuevomexicanx-led struggles for political autonomy and religious liberty. The current humanitarian crisis along New Mexico’s southern border demonstrates the urgency of Indigenous transnational existences as they transit and transgress the political integrities of settlerstates and tribal nations alike. Dr. Gonzales will discuss the significance of New Mexico (more…)

La Canoa: The Women of Local 890 and the Empire Mine Strike

2 pm Please join Professor Kells as she examines “embodied rhetoric” in the Local 890 chapter of the International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers of Hanover, New Mexico, who staged one of the nation’s most effective groundbreaking strikes near Silver City from October 1950 to January 1952.

La Canoa Legacy Talks: A Lie Halfway Around the World: The Carl Taylor Murder Case

2 pm Gabriel Meléndez of the Center for Regional Studies will discuss “A Lie Halfway Around the World,” a chapter in his book, Hidden Chicano Cinema. The chapter explores the shallow mysteries and deep complexities surrounding the death of the travel-adventurer and freelance journalist Carl N. Taylor in 1936. Taylor was murdered as he readied himself to attend a gala event in Albuquerque. What appears as a set of non-sequential links between New Mexico’s chronic poverty, its religious traditions, and its reputation as an arts mecca results (more…)

La Canoa Legacy Talks: Genízaro Ethnogenesis, Emergence, and Futurism

2 pm – 4 pm In collaboration with UNM Center for Regional Studies Join Associate Professor Moises Gonzales, from the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and Planning, as he relates the emerging story of the history, identity, and cultural evolution of the genízaro people of New Mexico during the March La Canoa Legacy Talk. As defined by Fray Angelico Chavez, genízaro was the designation given to North American Indians of mixed tribal derivation living among the Hispanic population in Spanish fashion: that is, having Spanish (more…)

La Canoa: New Mexicans and the Battle of Bataan

2 pm Join Margaret Garcia for a presentation and excerpts from her book Tell Me Another War Story, chronicling the history of the New Mexico National Guard 200th Coast Artillery, their valiant stand on Bataan in the Philippines, and their reluctant surrender on April 9th 1942, followed by the infamous Bataan Death March and status as POWs.  She will also talk about her father, Evans Garcia’s experiences growing up in southern New Mexico, in the battle and  prison camp, and how he and his “buddies” stayed together (more…)

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