Virtual Reading and Discussion: Rebecca Blum-Martínez and Mary Jean Habermann López, The Shoulders We Stand On

6 pm (MDT) RSVP for the online event: Resister HERE Virtual Reading and Discussion: Rebecca Blum-Martínez and Mary Jean Habermann López, Editors, The Shoulders We Stand On: A History of Bilingual Education in New Mexico (University of New Mexico Press, 2020) Presented by Bookworks, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the University of New Mexico Press. The Shoulders We Stand On traces the complex history of bilingual education in New Mexico, covering Spanish, Diné, and Pueblo languages. The book focuses on the formal establishment of bilingual education (more…)

Virtual Reading and Discussion: Michael Tapia, Gangs of the El Paso–Juárez Borderland: A History

6 pm Bookworks Virtual on Zoom: RSVP for this online event: https://www.bkwrks.com/mike-tapia Presented by Bookworks, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the University of New Mexico Press, this thought-provoking book by Dr. Mike Tapia examines gang history in the region encompassing west Texas, southern New Mexico, and northern Chihuahua, Mexico. Known as the El Paso–Juárez borderland region, the area, spanning 130 miles from east to west, contains more than three million people. From the badlands—the historically notorious eastern Valle de Juárez—to the Puerto Palomas port of entry (more…)

Tertulia Histórica Albuquerque: Famous Suffragists and Hidden Figures

2 pm (MTS) Live via Zoom Register in advance for this meeting HERE. The campaign for woman suffrage in New Mexico is rich and deep. The struggle took 46 years, from 1874 to 1920. As with other aspects of women’s lives, most of the stories—political, economic, social—are not found in history books. They are still being unearthed in family lore, memoirs, songs, newspapers, and a few scholarly works. Join us to learn about the famous protagonists in this story, such as Adelina Otero Warren and Octaviano A. (more…)

Tertulia Histórica Albuquerque: Revolts and Revolutions

2 pm (MTS) Live via Zoom Register in advance for this meeting HERE. Rob Martínez, New Mexico State Historian Since colonial times, revolts and resistance have been a regular part of New Mexico history. Puebloan people had revolutions against Spanish political, economic and religious institutions. Spanish colonists resisted Spanish  governors who thought themselves superior. Mexican New Mexicans resisted Mexican governors they did not like, and Pueblo and Genizaro natives joined in. New Mexicans revolted against American governors and economic institutions when things were not to their liking. (more…)

Book Reading and Signing, Sergio Troncoso, A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son

POSTPONED. Check back for new date and time. Free and open to the public. How does a Mexican-American, the son of immigrants, a child of the border, la frontera, leave home and move to the heart of gringo America? How does he adapt to the worlds of wealth, elite universities, the rush and power of New York City? How does he make peace with a stern old-fashioned father who has only known hard field labor his whole life? With echoes of Dreiser’s American Tragedy and Fitzgerald’s Gatsby, (more…)

César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández: Presentation & Book Signing

Join us as Prof. García Hernández makes a compelling case for closing immigration prisons in the U.S. immediately. He argues that these facilities cost taxpayers millions of dollars a year, do not keep us safer, and treat inhumanely the men, women, and children lawfully seeking residency or protection. There is another way to manage immigration, he writes: “leave migrants alone.” In the past, immigrants were not assumed to be criminals. Acts of trying to live and work in the United States were not punishable. In fact, they (more…)

La Canoa – Rosebud: Population 7

All events at the NHCC through April 9, 2020 have been cancelled / postponed. Please call the NHCC at 505-246-2261 for more information. 2pm – 4pm Giving shape and form to the rich cultural heritage of family and homeland. Erlinda Gonzales Berry reads and discusses her coming-of-age collection of stories as the product of remembering, of giving shape and form to the rich cultural heritage bequeathed to her by her antepasados and beloved homeland. “As I attempt to shape the final stage of my journey on this (more…)

La Canoa – Past, Present, and Future: Mujeres Valerosas and the Hispanic Women’s Council

2 pm – 4 pm The Hispanic Women’s Council (HWC) was formed in Albuquerque in 1988 to “promote, support, and create opportunities for Hispanic Women.” Local women came together to help each other  advance in their professions, increase the number of women participating in policy-making, and serve as role models for other women. Each woman in the HWC has her own story of success and accomplishment, and these have been captured in the book, Mujeres Valerosas, published by the HWC in 2000. Join us for readings from (more…)

El Voto Femenino: Exhibit Opening

Friday, January 24, 2020 6 pm Join us for the opening of “El Voto Femenino: Sufragistas Latinas luchando por el derecho al voto. Celebrating Hispanic Women’s Suffrage Worldwide”. This exhibit, which will run from January 24 through June 30. The exhibit features women from 24 countries in the international Hispanic diaspora who were instrumental in women’s suffrage, including Nina Otero Warren (New Mexico, US), Bertha Lutz (Brazil), Mathilde Hidalgo de Procel (Ecuador), Elvia Carrillo Puerto (Mexico), Ofelia Domínguez Navarro (Cuba), Elena Caffarena (Chile), Josefa Llanes Escoda (Philippines) (more…)

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