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Mapitzmitl Xiukwetzpaltin (PAZ) Presents Tonal Machiotl/Piedra del Sol/Aztec Calendar

March 7, 2020

11 am

This is the first of a series of workshops about the Aztec calendar, covering a range of subject matter pertaining to this indigenous timekeeping device that was rediscovered in Mexico City in 1790. It is an overview of the calendar; participants will be shown the meaning of the calendar’s different concentric rings, which are used to chart solar, ceremonial, and Venutian years.

Free public event

A second workshop, sponsored by Kalpulli Izkalli, will be held at Casa Barelas, 1024 4th Street SW, at 6 pm on Wednesday, March 11. Admission to this workshop, focusing on the solar year, is on a donation basis.

The third workshop, an explanation of the 260-day ceremonial year, will be held at the NHCC on Saturday, March 14, in the Wells Fargo Auditorium at 11 am. This workshop is a free public event.

These workshops provide background information for the celebration of Yankwik Xiwitl, or Mexika/Aztec New Year, hosted by Kalpulli Ehecatl and Kalpulli Izkalli on Sunday, March 15, on the NHCC’s Plaza Mayor. The free public event, ushering in Chikyei Tekpatl/Ocho Pedernal/Eight Stone Blade, features fire making with a hand drill, an offering of flowers and fruit, and ritual Aztec dancing.

There are three different year counts in traditional Mesoamerican culture: a lunar year, a solar year, and a Venutian year. Mexika New Year celebrates the solar year of 365.25 days.

For more information, e-mail pazehecatl@hotmail.com.

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