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Dance Auditions: Carnaval 2022

August 21, 2021

11 am

Albuquerque’s CARNAVAL 2022 at the NHCC’s Roy E Disney Center for Performing Arts is scheduled for February 25th & 26th, 2022. The Odara Dance Ensemble will be holding audition Saturday, August 21st starting at 11 am at the NHCC’s PNM Rehearsal Hall . Be prepared to audition to various styles of dance, including cultural elements of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil, and New Orleans.

Carnaval, the festive season occurring before Lent in many countries, is one of the world’s most widespread celebrations and one of its biggest parties. Frank Leto Musical Ventures and the NHCC continue their annual partnership to celebrate Carnaval at the Center with a festive and colorful evening of music, dance, and theatre, featuring the Odara Dance Ensemble and the musical group PANdemonium. Carnaval 2022, a dazzling spectacle of vibrant dance, engaging music, and beautiful costumes, showcases the Carnaval traditions of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil, and New Orleans and marks the 15th annual Carnaval Celebration at the NHCC.

For more information, please email odaradance@gmail.com

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