Revolutions International Theatre Festival: Migrant Songs

7:30 pm 

Migrant Songs is a choral piece based on stories of migration, both human and non-human. Specifically, the project explores the relationship between the songs of human and bird migration, through oral interviews gathering stories and songs from migrants who currently live in the Albuquerque area and research and field recordings of birds in northern New Mexico, and bringing the songs of migrants into inter-species dialogue through the creation of a choir performance. The work highlights the stories and songs that cut across different migration histories, tying Hispanic culture in historic and contemporary relationships to Asian, African, and Middle Eastern culture within the New Mexican context.

Free and open to the public 

Música del Corazón: Una Velada Nuevomexicana

7:30 pm 

Free ticketed event; tickets available one hour before performance

The UNM Robb Trust and the NHCC invite you to an a vast and varied medley of old and new music, including:

  • Iberian and Mexican narrative and religious ballads (romancero)
  • A vibrant and dynamic lyric tradition (cancionero)
  • Culturally hybrid Indo-Hispano music (inditas)
  • Overlays of styles and vogues from 18th and 19th century instrumental dance music
  • Locally adapted mariachi, popular Mexican música ranchera, Texas Mexican (Tejano), Nueva Canción (Latin American folk revival)
  • Locally evolving strains of the 20th and 21st century pop music

Featured artists are:

  • David F. García
  • Gregorio Gonzales
  • Lone Piñon
  • Lara Manzanares
  • Jerome Martínez
  • Brenda M. Romero

With a guest appearance by Frank McCulloch

For more information, please contact the Robb Musical Trust at 505-277-8967 or

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Globalquerque Mini-Fest for Albuquerque School Kids

10 am

We’d like to let you in on a little secret.

Each year, ¡Globalquerque! kicks off with a free concert for our local school kids. This mini-fest features two of our regular performers doing short sets as a way to introduce the kids to some cool different cultures.

This year the participating bands are LADAMA (Brazil/Colombia/Venezuela/US) and Youssra El Hawry (Egypt).

For other free family-focused ¡Globalquerque! action, check out the free Global Fiesta HERE.

We do need people to register though so we can plan accordingly. If you are coming with a school or a party of 10 or more, please contact David Torres,, 505-383-4770 or register on-line HERE.

Free Community Event

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto and Baracutanga

7:30 pm

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, a traditional folkloric cumbia group from Colombia’s Caribbean region, has been active since 1940. Their music preserves the traditional rhythms and sounds that are the product of a mixture of Indigenous, Spanish, and Afro-Colombian heritage. Dating back at least to the time of Bolivar, gaitero music is played on two flutes (gaitas) and a maraca, both of Indigenous origin, and drums of African origin, through the descendants of the many African slaves who passed through the country’s Caribbean coast. The group’s founder, Antonio “Toño” Fernández, is credited with paving the way for modern cumbia’s enormous popularity throughout the Americas by being the first to successfully put words to gaitero music. The group is currently headed by four of the original members, who perform with a new generation of gaiteros. Thanks in large part to them, gaitero music has become one of the most influential traditional styles in Colombian popular music today.

Baracutanga, a New Mexico-based seven-piece band representing four different countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and the U.S.), prides itself on arranging traditional South American rhythms in new and interesting ways, such as mixing huayño and cumbia with Middle Eastern darbuka, or Afro-Cuban batá and Afro-Peruvian festejo with Andean zampoñas, among other combinations. This kind of experimentation, blending ancestral traditions with a modern sensibility, results in an exciting, distinctive Latin flavor that is all its own. Lyrically and musically, Baracutanga proposes to build bridges between the south and north, finding common ground in creating songs that cross linguistic and cultural barriers and promoting cultural experiences that empower Latinos with a message of self-affirmation. Baracutanga will be celebrating the release of their latest single and video “Cuida Tus Espaldas.
$22, $27 w/ $2 off for NHCC Members

Una Celebración de México with Antonio Reyna

2 pm

The NHCC and Haverland Carter Lifestyle Group present Una Celebración de México, paying tribute to the beautiful song and dance of Mexico with award-winning, internationally renowned mariachi recording artist Antonio Reyna and a cast of talented musicians and performers. Reyna is joined by Mariachi Femenil Flores Mexicanas, with special guests Reynaldo Maestas and Baile Ilusión.
$22 w/ $2 discount for seniors, children 12 and younger, and NHCC members

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Son Como Son 25th Anniversary: A Retrospective Celebration of Salsa in Albuquerque, New Mexico

8 pm

This 25th anniversary concert is Son Como Son’s tribute to the rich lineage of Cuban music. It is a tribute to the dance—the dance between the Yoruban spiritual world and the Spanish colonialists, the dance between the past and the future, the dance where the ocean meets the desert. Most of all, it is a tribute to the dancers of Albuquerque—to each and every one who has buoyed this ship for the past 25 years and helped to put Albuquerque on the salsa map.
$24, $25, $27 w/ $2 discount for seniors/children 12 and younger, and $3 discount for NHCC members

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Jenny and the Mexicats St. Patrick’s Day Dance Party

7:30 pm
Education Building Grand Hall

NHCC and Pop Fizz invite you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a night of dancing and fun with the world-renowned Jenny and The Mexicats. Known for their infectious style of genre-bending music that borrows from pop, flamenco, reggae, mariachi, jazz, folk and cumbia this band will knock your socks off and keep you moving all night.  Pop Fizz will have food, paletas, beer and alcohol for sale.  This concert is a part of the Revolutions Festival and supported by AMP Concerts.

Check out some Jenny and the Mexicats videos HERE.

Pimentel Concert Series: Los Tres Reyes

7 pm

Los Tres Reyes, founded in 1957 by classically trained guitarists and twin brothers Gilberto and Raul Puente, also includes lead vocalist Bebo Cárdenas. Los Tres Reyes are noted for their contributions to the development of the romantic music genre in Mexico during the 1950s and 1960s, as well as for their guitar virtuosity. Icons of Mexico’s popular music, they have recorded numerous albums which have become international hits and have toured extensively in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. The concert, the tenth in the Pimentel Music Series, also features Trío América de Albuquerque, who interpret songs made famous by popular trios from Mexico’s “Golden Age.” It will be followed by an after-party at Hotel Albuquerque.
$22, $27, $37 w/ $2 discount for seniors, children 12 and younger, and NHCC members

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New Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra: From Bach to Bachianas & Britten (Rental)

2 pm

Music Director Roberto Minczuk wields the baton in a glimmering afternoon of globe-spanning masterworks by renowned composers. Piazzolla’s Libertango and Oblivion bring “Tango Nuevo” to the forefront. Bachianas Brasileiras by Villa-Lobos links Brazilian popular music to Baroque works—such as those of Bach, one of which is included in this concert. Also, an homage to Benjamin Britten by Arvo Pärt and the purity of Britten’s own Simple Symphony.
$24, $35, $46, $68

Roberto Minczuk, conductor
Kimberly Fredenburgh, viola
Kevin Vigneau, oboe

Piazzolla: Libertango
Piazzolla: Oblivion
Stephenson: Concerto for Oboe and Viola
Bach: Aria from Suite No. 3
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 9
Pärt: Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten
Britten: Simple Symphony

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