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Tertulia Histórica Albuquerque: Masks On! Pandemics and Epidemics in New Mexico History

November 21, 2020

2 pm (MTS)
Live via Zoom

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State Historian Rob Martínez explores how viruses and disease shaped New Mexico history. Since the dawn of time, humans have had to face adversity to survive.Viruses and disease are, sadly, part of that history and integral to the human experience. Pandemics and epidemics are part of the historical landscape.As early as the ancient Greeks, a fever killed most of Athens; the plague of the 1300s killed off one third of the European population; and in 1918 the world was in the grip of Spanish Flu. New Mexico was not immune to such outbreaks. State Historian Rob Martínez takes a look at how epidemics and pandemics impacted New Mexico through the centuries.

Free, Registration Required

State Historian Rob Martínez is a native New Mexican from Albuquerque. A graduate of the University of New Mexico with an M.A. in Latin American history, with an emphasis on New Mexico history. Rob was a research assistant at the Vargas Project, learning research skills and paleography, abilities that would serve him well as a historian. Before becoming state historian in 2019, he was deputy state historian for six years at the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives.

This event is part of the 2020-2021 Tertulia Histórica Albuquerque Lecture Series.

Mark your calendars for the rest of the fall season.

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