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Incubation: Art Created in the COVID-19 Era

May 15, 2020 - October 21, 2021

Incubation: Art Created in the COVID-19 Era, is an online exhibit of artwork created by Albuquerque High School students under the direction of four teachers. The work was created at the end of the spring semester, after schools closed across New Mexico in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Prior to school closures and the closure of the NHCC campus, the AHS students and teachers were scheduled to hang an exhibit in the Pete Domenici Education Building on the NHCC. The students were working on completely different projects at that time and what you see here reflects their transition into online art instruction and the students’ reflections on this dramatic and sudden shift. Many artworks were submitted for this online exhibit and what is presented here is just a small sampling of the creativity that has taken place since March.,

During this time, the teachers focused intently on how to continue supporting their students through these new challenges. There were many emotions about how the school year ended so abruptly and about the continued need for social distancing. Yet, something magical also happened. The students created so much artwork in their homes that it needed to be shared and shown to others. The artwork demonstrates resourcefulness and creativity that is inspiring. There was so much artwork, that we were only able to show a portion of it.

IMPORTANT message to all the students!  All of the art created, whether shown here or not, is amazing! Please, don’t stop creating. You are teaching the rest of the world about resilience and resourcefulness.

To all the teachers, thank you! You all have been challenged in many ways. Your dedication to your students is evident in the honesty of your statements and the varied projects shown. You have not only taught craftsmanship but life skills. Through the lengthy and complicated process of transitioning to an online exhibit, it is evident that your capacity for care and hard work is unwavering. Again, thank you.

Please click HERE and leave a comment for Teachers, Artists or NHCC staff, about this exhibit.

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