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La Canoa: Narrating the Manito Trail in Wyoming and Arizona

June 17, 2017

2 pm

Join Vanessa Fonseca, Assistant Professor, English – Arizona State University; Levi Romero, Assistant Professor, Chicana and Chicano Studies – University of New Mexico; and Trisha Martínez, Ph.D. Student, American Studies – University of New Mexico, as they discuss the Manito Trail.

This is an interdisciplinary ethnographic project documenting Hispanic New Mexican, or Manito, migration from New Mexico to different parts of the United States from the 1850’s to the present. Looking at the many major migration routes of Manito families, this project focuses on the driving factors for Manito migration and the exploration of querencia, or how one establishes a sense of self and community through place. For this talk, we will speak about our experiences along the Manito Trail in both Wyoming and Arizona and offer some historical and community perspectives gained from our work with Manito communities who left New Mexico in search of employment and opportunity.
Free community event

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