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Cervantes Film Series: Relatos de la Resistencia: Light Falls Vertical

April 19

12:00 pm MST (available for 96 hours)
Instituto Cervantes Vimeo Channel Here:

Relatos de la Resistencia: Buscando un lugar en el mundo

Efthymia Zymvragaki receives a proposal from a man who confesses to abuse in order to investigate the vision of the perpetrator of violence. With the courage to tell a story in the first person, the debut feature of this Greek director addresses the issue of violence that weighs so heavily in today’s society with the intention of approaching it in a complex and intimate way.

Synopsis: A man named Ernesto, a resident of the Canary Islands, contacts filmmaker Efthymia Zymvragaki to propose making a film about his life. He explains to her that in gender violence there are always two sides: the victim and the aggressor. He confesses to being the aggressor. The Greek director then embarks on a journey, real and cinematic, in which she discovers the hidden corners, the lights and shadows of a character trapped in the cycle of violence, and in the process realizes that Ernesto is, in reality, half criminal and half victim, and that his story pushes her to confront her own family history, which she left in her native country two decades ago.

Screening: Light Falls Vertical | Director/s: Efthymia Zymvragaki | Year: 2022 | Format: Digital | Running time: Largometraje – 85 min | Genre: Documental | Country: España, Alemania, Italia y Países Bajos | Original version: español | Subtitles: inglés, francés, portugués (de Brasil), italiano, español | Rated: +12

Relatos de la Resistencia: Buscando un lugar en el mundo, the strength of documentary filmmaking in Spain is a phenomenon with three decades of history. The work of the monographic festivals has been crucial to maintain its strength and validity among the public interested in the new expressive forms of cinema, but also among those who seek in the documentary to know the perspective and experiences of others, often very distant spatially, temporally, and culturally.

In collaboration with the DocsBarcelona festival, this online film series that stars the month of April on our Vimeo channel brings together four documentaries that allow us to meet people whose lives are marked by adventure, and not always in its most positive interpretation. In addition, the direction of these works tells us about the place from where we elaborate the stories of loss, but also those of survival and overcoming.

April 5: La Chana (2017), by Lucija Stojevic
April 12: Los Bilbao (2022), by Pedro Speroni
April 19: Light Falls Vertical (2022), by Efthymia Zymvragaki
April 26: Querida Sara (2021), by Patricia Franquesa


April 19
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