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Alejandro Mendiaz, “Speaking Truth to Power: UndocuTalks”

September 16, 2018

11 am

This talk is part of the educational programming related to People Powered: New Mexicans and Social Movements.

UndocuTalks is a podcast that was developed as a virtual space where undocumented youth can independently share news, knowledge, and culture with other undocumented youth and allies.  Alejandro Mendiaz is a co-founder of UndocuTalks and a host of the UndocuNews segment that aims to share important information with our immigrant communities in a healthy dose of digestible pieces of information that combat the constant stressful bombardment of immigration-related, sensationalized news. Alejandro and the UndocuTalks collective sees podcasting as revolutionary medium that can inform our social movements in New Mexico, the U.S., and internationally.

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