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June 2016
text block_Art of Acquisition_1

The Art of Acquisition: New New Mexican Works at the NHCC

June 26, 2016February 20, 2017

Art Museum hours and prices HERE

How do museums acquire their collections? What makes an artwork, or an artist, worthy of collecting?   These are questions museums face every day and the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) Art Museum is no exception.

“The Art of Acquisition:  New New Mexican Works at the NHCC” features art works that have been collected and added to the museum’s permanent collection over the last five years.  All of the pieces featured in this exhibition are by New Mexican artists or artists living in New Mexico, and their work is displayed in the NHCC Community Gallery which is designed to showcase the artistic contributions of the local community. These acquisitions, like the majority of the NHCC Art Museum permanent collection, were given by artists and collectors and the museum would not be what it is today without the support of our generous donors.

Accepting a donation is serious business and the NHCC Art museum has a rigorous process of approval before an object can become a part of the museum’s permanent collection. An object is first reviewed by the museum director and curatorial staff.  It is then presented to the NHCC Art Museum’s Collections Committee which is composed of art experts, collectors, and artists from throughout New Mexico.  When an object is approved by the committee, the Director of the NHCC Art Museum and Visual Arts Program presents the piece at the NHCC Board of Directors Meeting for Board approval.  Only upon the Board’s approval does the object become a part of the NHCC Art Museum’s permanent collection. This process ensures that the NHCC Art Museum is the proper home for every object we acquire and it all begins with our donors and their affection for this museum.

In the last five years, the NHCC’s Art Museum collection has grown– in fact doubled its size– through donations from communities and collectors. Very few objects are purchased because our acquisitions purchase fund has yet to be fully developed.  An acquisitions fund for the permanent collection would enable the NHCC Art Museum curators to target significant works by important artists for the collection.  We would be able to pay artists directly, so that they would receive the full value for their visual creations.  Doing this would allow museum staff to continue to foster a supportive community interaction as well as follow best practices for museum curatorship and collection stewardship.

While we hope to grow the acquisitions fund in the very near future, we recognize the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of those who have helped the collection grow despite financial constraints.

August 2016
Jade Garza 3

Through the Eyes of a Child – Who Am Eye

August 12, 2016August 31, 2016

Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–5pm

Through the Eyes of a Child – Who Am Eye was spearheaded by Katherine Irish, school counselor and professional artist, Mrs. Loretta Huerta, principal at Reginald Chavez and Doug Bellen, music instructor at Reginald Chavez Elementary. They received a grant from Horizons Grant, APS Foundation. Carr Imaging generously donated 50% of the professional printing costs of the photographs in the show. Katherine Irish curated the exhibit to be held at the Hispanic Cultural Center

This project was designed to celebrate our students’ vision of their culture, family and friendships. It was a continuation of last year’s photographic project, Eye Am, headed by Fernando Delgado. Students were taught principles of photography and the use of cameras as an art media and that photography and art is a viable career path. The idea of using photography as a visual arts form that can be expressive of our students, their community, culture and environment was stressed. Calling attention to the beauty and content of their photographs gave their ideas and effort importance. Students were asked to honor and reflect on their lives and photograph what they value and celebrate; their families , friends and neighborhoods. The students were also asked to write an essay about their photographs. We will celebrate and affirm our 2015-2016 5th graders creativity by exhibiting their photographs.
Free community event

September 2016
tree mural

Exhibit: Community Seed Murals

September 9, 2016October 9, 2016

Tuesday–Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm

Avokado Artists & SEEDS: A Collective Voice are partnering with the Education Department at The National Hispanic Cultural Center bringing together, in one space, all of the seed murals they have created with several thousand community members across New Mexico, perhaps you!! Come on out and check out this stunning art installation, and view the fruits of our 3 years of work raising seed & environmental awareness by creating these beautiful murals with seeds during visits to many events & schools! (almost 100 visits).
Free Community Event

9-10 murals will be on display in one space at the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Education Department Building.

This project has been brought to the community by Avokado Artists, Jade Leyva, lots of volunteer work and partly funded by McCune Charitable Foundation.

The Installation will be up for 1 month, September 9, 2016 to October 9, 2016

For more info about this project visit: www.seedsacollectivevoice.org

October 2016
Photo "Event Horizon" by Rachel Muldez, date unspecified; magnolia seed pods (medium); 9' diameter

Fantasía Fantástica: Imaginative Spaces and Other-Worldly Collage

October 14, 2016May 21, 2017

Art Museum hours and prices HERE

Fantasía Fantástica: Imaginative Spaces and Other-Worldly Collage features the fantastical creations of four artists whose works toy with space and expand the parameters of collage. The artists, Nick Abdalla, Cynthia Cook, Carlos Quinto Kemm, and Rachel Muldez, collect objects and images that populate the day-to-day but often go unnoticed. They then reframe them as part of a new imaginative whole. The works in this exhibition offer opportunities to contemplate how fantasy and the imaginary inform daily life as well as the historical and contemporary climate of Hispanic and Latina/o art more broadly.

Space and scale are key components in each artist’s work. Each artist interacts with space both by changing the setting that encompasses their work, as well as by creating a new world within the object. From delicate and intimate scenes to sizable, yet graceful sculptures, the magic is in the details as much as it permeates the broader environment created by the artworks.


Día de los Muertos Ofrendas

October 18, 2016November 11, 2016

Tuesday–Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm

Día de Muertos is an annual traditional holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and many Hispanic communities. Join the NHCC and experienced, knowledgeable local artists to learn about the meaning of this celebration, the traditional arts and crafts associated with the celebration and development of ofrendas that honor families and individuals.

Each year the Education Department at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, works with schools and community organizations, to host an Ofrenda (altar) Exhibit, in celebration of Día de los Muertos. Your altar

Tours available

For more information or questions please call or email Elena at ElenaD.Baca@state.nm.us or 505-383-4734
Free community event

This and all other Dia de los Muertos events at the NHCC are generously sponsored by Holman’s USA.

November 2016
Mari-Luci Jaramillo

A Life of Service: The Mari-Luci Jaramillo Collection, 1905-2007

November 18, 2016May 31, 2017

Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm
1st Saturday of the Month, 1pm-5pm

A Life of Service: The Mari-Luci Jaramillo Collection, 1905-2007

The Mari-Luci Jaramillo Collection provides an unparalleled look at a life dedicated to and distinguished by service to community, state, and the nation. A native New Mexican and daughter of laborers, Mari-Luci Jaramillo grew from a studious child in La Vegas, NM to become a teacher, a leader in education reform, a national advocate for civil rights, and the first Latina Ambassador of the United States to Honduras.

This archival collection of correspondence, speeches, articles, photographs, and artifacts highlights her family history, early adulthood, and extensive career in higher education and government. It reflects the central beliefs of Mari-Luci Jaramillo’s life and career: family and community, pride of heritage, and that service to others is important.

December 2016
cervantes graphic1

Cervantes & Don Quixote Exhibition

December 6, 2016March 31, 2017

Tuesday-Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm

Instituto Cervantes presents an exhibition in four parts, paying homage to Miguel de Cervantes, the famous author of Don Quixote de la Mancha, and commemorating the 400th anniversary of his death.

The first part, “Quijotes del celuloide,” displays posters from various movies made about Don Quixote over the years. The second, “Don Quixote Quotes,” comprises universal quotes regarding the influence of Cervantes’ work on English literature. “Back to Barataria,” the third part, is a journey around the southern states in the U.S.,  with pictures of streets and other places with names taken from the novel, and the fourth part is an exhibition of 400 drawings by New Mexico students.
Free to the public

April 2017

Outstanding in His Field: San Ysidro—Patron Saint of Farmers

April 21, 2017November 5, 2017

Art Museum hours and prices HERE

Each spring, New Mexico communities celebrate San Ysidro (aka San Isidro or Saint Isidore) the patron saint of farmers, gardeners, and workers. San Ysidro blesses the fields, brings rain and discourages drought, and assures a healthy growing season for local crops such as chile, beans, corn and squash.

The exhibition highlights contemporary and traditional depictions of this adored saint through approximately 65 art works by artists of all ages. New Mexican artist revere San Ysidro and a unique sense of place is reflected through these diverse interpretations of his image.

The NHCC is collaborating with numerous community members and organizations throughout the duration of this exhibition which runs through planting and harvesting seasons. This exhibition also will include a celebration of San Ysidro Feast Day. Traditionally observed on May 15, join the NHCC as we celebrate San Ysidro’s Feast Day on May 13, from 10 am-2 pm, with local farmers, activities, food, artists and so much more!

Please check www.nmhccnm.org/events for details on additional related programs, talks and tours.

July 2017

Poster Art Exhibit: Event Posters 2001-2017

July 1, 2017December 31, 2017

Welcome to an exhibition of posters created by the National Hispanic Cultural Center in support of various and numerous events over the last 16 years. Each of the Center’s programs creates and presents events in conjunction with our mission. This exhibit will run from July to December 2017 in the History and Literary Arts Building. It is free and open to the public Tuesday-Friday, 10 am–5 pm and the 1st Saturday of the Month, 1 pm–5 pm.

December 2017
Duran Exhibit box

The Art of Christmas: New Mexico Style

December 2, 2017January 7, 2018

Art Museum hours and prices HERE

This exhibit features approximately 430 handmade ornaments by more than 125 New Mexican artists that have been collected by the Duran family (Matt, Jeanette, and their son Gabriel) over nearly 20 years. Matt and Jeanette began collecting Christmas ornaments in 2000 and there first tree was only 4 feet tall. Now, the ornaments are displayed on a number of trees in their home including one that is 15 feet tall. You can explore this impressive collection in the NHCC Art Museum between December 2, 2017 and January 7, 2018.

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