Revolutions International Theatre Festival Presents: Teatro Perro Muerto’s Pinochet, la obra censurada en dictadura

8 pm

A liberal and harsh reconstruction of a 1986 play that depicts four influential characters from the Pinochet dictatorship imagining the future of Chile. Using satire and dark humor, they ask themselves what the transition, a process full of uncertainty and fear, will mean for them. The play talks about power and the dreams of a dominant class as it imagines its place in the future of Chile, comparing the vision for the country 30 years ago with what Chile is today.

With a vertiginous pace and provocative language, the Perro Muerto Theater Company presents its own version of this original play, asking itself about history, politics, and theatre with a special interest in how power is gained, passed on, and spread through society. Pinochet, la obra censurada en dictadura is the company’s first production. Its director, Sebastián Sequella, won the Eugenio Guzmán award at the XV Festival for Emerging Directors, organized by the MA in Theatre Directing at the University of Chile.

Directed by Sebastián Sequella; performed by Valeria Aguilar, Rodrigo Florechaes, Camilo Venegas, and Nicolás Calderón; produced by Victoria Iglesias; integral design by Javier Pavez; audio and visuals by Paul Osses.
$24 w/ $6 discount for students/seniors/NHCC members

Festival Ballet Albuquerque: Sacred Journeys with Robert Mirabal

Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 2 pm

Sacred Journeys, presented by Festival Ballet Albuquerque in partnership with the NHCC, is a reflection of our New Mexican cultures and storytelling through dance, music, and spoken word. Our Hispanic culture is prominent in the story “Las Soldaderas,” choreographed by Dominic Guerra and depicting the story of the young lovers and the many brave women who fought in the Mexican Revolution. Two-time Grammy award-winning Taos Pueblo musician Robert Mirabal joins FBA onstage, integrating Native American Pueblo culture of northern New Mexico with the Hispanic culture of the region. Choreographers for the project include featured choreographer Jock Soto, Patricia Dickinson Wells, Trey Pickett, and Natalee Maxwell, presenting Robert Mirabal favorites from the albums Songs from the Painted Cave, The River, and others. Mirabal, a world-renowned musician, composer, poet, actor, and screenwriter, is dedicated to keeping alive the centuries-old customs of Taos Pueblo, as well as merging his Indigenous American sound with the music of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean in a world music style that defies categorization.

Jock Soto was born on the Navajo reservation in Gallup, NM to a Navajo Mother and a Puerto Rican father.  Following in the footsteps of his mother, he first learned to hoop dance — an early foundation for what became one of the most celebrated careers at the New York City Ballet.  On the eve of his retirement from stage 2005, The New York Times wrote “Ballet is a man called Jock.”

Of Jock Soto’s memoir “Every Step You Take,”ten-time Tony Award winner and recipient of the National Medal of Arts, Tommy Tune said “Airborne in spirit, earthbound in truth, the words are moving and masterful.  Like the dancer himself.”

$14, $20, $29, $38, $47 w/ $2 off for seniors, children 10 and younger and NHCC members.
Group rates available.

Yankwik Xiwitl/Aztec New Year

10 am

Kalpulli Ehekatl, Kalpulli Izkalli, y Danza Mayahuel invita la conformidad de Danzas Aztecas de NM y la comunidad a celebrar Yankwik Xiwitl/Año Nuevo Azteca/Mexika Azteca New Year.

Join us for a Mexika (Aztec) New Year ceremony, ushering in Xiwitl Chicwasen Tochtli/Año Seis Conejo/Year Six Rabbit. The schedule is as follows:

10 am—Arranging the tlamanalli/ofrenda/offering
12 pm– Mitotiliztli/Danza/Ceremonial dance

At 3.30 pm, the ceremony will be followed by a tlakwalli/comida compartida/potluck at Kalpulli Izkalli, 1028 Ann Avenue (Isleta and Lopez Road). Please bring your favorite dish to share/traiga su favorito plato de comida para compartir.

If you wish to donate flowers, please bring them to the NHCC before 10 am.

For more information call Kalpulli Izkalli at: 452-9208 or 804-4602.

Kalpulli Izkalli—“Celebrating 20 years of Cultura, Healing, and Justice.”
Free public event

Film: Chavela

7 pm

Born in Costa Rica to pious parents who were embarrassed by their boyish daughter, Isabel Vargas Lizano ran away to Mexico City to sing on the streets. At the peak of her initial popularity in the 1950s, dressed in a poncho, she interpreted the mournful, yearning repertoire of canción ranchera without altering the female pronouns. Her Madrid concert premiere in the 1990s, following years in rural isolation as an impoverished alcoholic, brought her into contact with Pedro Almodóvar, who helped his “idol” fulfill a dream of performing in Paris. She had just returned to performing when she agreed to a 1991 interview with filmmaker Gund; much of Chavela was filmed in that year. Despite a public persona as “the most macha of the machos,” Vargas was still not entirely comfortable with identifying openly as a lesbian at the time of filming. She ultimately confirmed her sexual orientation in 2000 at the age of 81. Presented in partnership with Instituto Cervantes as part of the Bank of America Free Thursday Film Series.

2017; Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi; English; 93 minutes; not rated.
Free ticketed event; tickets available one hour before show

Abrepaso Flamenco & Alice Blumenfeld: Vacío/Void

8 pm Saturday,
2 pm Saturday & Sunday

Abrepaso seeks to create honest flamenco dance that provokes the audience to think, feel, question, and remember our shared humanity. The name Abrepaso comes from the Spanish phrase “abrir paso,” which can signify making or paving the way and breaking open space. The company aims to establish a contemporary approach to flamenco in the United States, breaking down boundaries and stereotypes through professional, quality performances and education. This flamenco performance explores the voids that thwart us from seeing our own interconnectedness to others and nature. Using environmentalist Rachel Carson’s work as a starting point, the flamenco movements and new music develop a dynamic approach to the figurative and literal voids we experience in our lives. Featuring Alice Blumenfeld, composer Lauren Valerie Coons, guitarist Misael Barraza, and singer Meagan Chandler.
$28, $34 w/ a $2 discount for NHCC members

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Pimentel Concert Series: Los Tres Reyes

7 pm

Los Tres Reyes, founded in 1957 by classically trained guitarists and twin brothers Gilberto and Raul Puente, also includes lead vocalist Bebo Cárdenas. Los Tres Reyes are noted for their contributions to the development of the romantic music genre in Mexico during the 1950s and 1960s, as well as for their guitar virtuosity. Icons of Mexico’s popular music, they have recorded numerous albums which have become international hits and have toured extensively in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. The concert, the tenth in the Pimentel Music Series, also features Trío América de Albuquerque, who interpret songs made famous by popular trios from Mexico’s “Golden Age.” It will be followed by an after-party at Hotel Albuquerque.
$22, $27, $37 w/ $2 discount for seniors, children 12 and younger, and NHCC members

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PAPA, Public Academy for Performing Arts: DREAM Spring Dance Concert 2018 (Rental)

7 pm

The Public Academy for Performing Arts (PAPA) presents Dream, its annual spring dance concert featuring beginning to pre-professional ballet, contemporary, flamenco, hip-hop, jazz, and musical theatre dance students from grades 6-12. Approximate length of the event is two hours.
$7, $12, $17 no other discounts

  • The title, content, photos/images and description for this event were provided to the NHCC by the organization renting the NHCC venue for the event. By serving as a venue and posting the event on its website, the NHCC is not endorsing any views expressed in the title or description of the event, nor is it endorsing the content of the event.

Film: María Moliner: Tendiendo Palabras

7 pm

Born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1900, María Moliner is known for her great work, the Diccionario de Uso del Español. A librarian and lexicographer, she began compiling the dictionary in 1952, working on it in the morning and evening before and after her regular hours of employment. Moliner’s approach was to look up words, read newspapers, and note words that she had heard in the street, in an effort to create a resource that would be more comprehensive than the dictionary published by the Real Academia Española. To this end, her dictionary, first published in 1966-1967 and republished twice since, contained detailed definitions, synonyms, expressions, and families of words. The film follows the important events in Moliner’s life, highlighting the terms that define them and using the definitions that she herself offers in her work. Presented in partnership with Instituto Cervantes as part of the Bank of America Free Thursday Film Series.

2017; Vicky Calavia; Spanish with English subtitles; 70 minutes; rated PG.
Free ticketed event; tickets available one hour before show

Film: Nasario Remembers the Río Puerco

7 pm

A new documentary follows celebrated folklorist Nasario García doing what he loves: wandering through landscape and memory amid the ghost towns of New Mexico’s Río Puerco valley, reviving recuerdos (memories) of his youth when the ranching villages thrived and viejitos (elders) told stories beside a river that once ran. Through interviews with Dr. García, oral histories, archival photos, and footage of the landscape, Nasario Remembers the Río Puerco poses the question: do ruins remember us? Presented as part of the Bank of America Free Thursday Film Series.

Filmmaker Shebana Coelho and folklorist and author Nasario García will be present at the screenings of the film to discuss it with the audience. A short prelude of poetry and music will include a poem read by García and Coelho and a performance of the “Indita del Río Puerco,” written by Coelho for the film, by Lara Manzanares and Lone Piñon’s Jordan Wax and Noah Martinez.

2017; Shebana Coelho; English; 60 minutes; not rated.
Free ticketed event; tickets available one hour before show

Opera Southwest Presents Bless Me, Ultima

All 5 performances of Bless Me, Ultima are SOLD OUT! Opera Southwest will be handling a waiting list for any returned tickets. They will be released for sale to the public on a lottery basis (i.e. folks may put their names onto a waiting list for a drawing) two days before each performance. Please go to the OSW website HERE to get your name added to the waiting list.


February 18, 21, 23, 24 & 25, 2018
2 pm—Saturday & Sundays
7:30 pm—Wednesday & Friday

Hector Armienta’s Bless Me, Ultima is a fully-staged opera with orchestra, sung in English with both English and Spanish supertitles and presented in three acts with one intermission.  This will be the world premiere of the Rudolfo Anaya masterwork.

Opera Southwest, along with the National Hispanic Cultural Center and San Jose’s Opera Cultura, is thrilled to have commissioned an opera based on Rudolfo Anaya’s best-selling novel Bless Me, Ultima. The composer, Hector Armienta, has worked with Mr. Anaya on the libretto, and the resulting piece will be an historic event. Maestro Guillermo Figueroa conducts.
$15, $29, $45, $59, $75, $89; discounts for groups of 10+ and patrons 30 and younger

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