Festival Flamenco Internacional: Compañía Jesús Carmona, Impetu’s

8 pm

Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque presents Compañía Jesús Carmona in Impetu’s, an evening of extraordinary contemporary flamenco along with classic Spanish dance.

From his beginnings as a dancer in other companies through the founding and maturation of his own company, Jesús Carmona has always aspired to have his creations serve as a showcase for Spanish culture. In Impetu’s, he draws upon the great musical compositions that have contributed to his artistic growth and built his life and character, both professionally and personally. New versions of these works allow for innovation, while preserving the legacy of fine music that gives the show its emotional impact.

Impetu’s features renowned musicians Daniel Jurado, Óscar Lago, Thomas Potirón, Luqui Losada, and Juan José Amador, with lighting by David Pérez. The talents of these artists, together with the strength and energy of Carmona’s choreography and staging and the masterworks of great Spanish composers, combine in a show that will keep the audience enthralled from the very first chord, and that can be summed up in the single word Impetu’s.
$40, $50, $70, $85

Festival Flamenco Internacional: Compañía Marco Flores, Entrar al Juego

8 pm

Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque presents Compañía Marco Flores in Entrar al Juego. In this contemporary and very theatrical production, Flores manipulates space and experiments with time—slowing it down, speeding it up, and changing its direction to open up a temporary timeline from another world and trap people and objects in an alternative dimension.

Flores’ first large-scale choreographic work, DeFlamencas, explored the female universe; his second creation, Tránsito, reflected his interest in looking within. Subsequently, he examined men’s actions and relationships in Laberíntica. With this new work, he expands his artistic focus and direction as well as the dynamics of his choreography. The creative process in Entrar al Juego, activated by intergenerational concerns, begins by bringing together artists of various ages and origins, with differing techniques and experiences. Breaking with traditional conceptions of hierarchy and methodology, Flores involves the artists in a collective composition, where the actions of each are essential to the development of the others, as all discover their own strategies to move, to be still, and to continue with the work, both individually and as a group. Along with stage director and choreographer Juan Carlos Lérida, he proposes to the participants in Entrar al Juego that they dance in a timeless place, and the audience witnesses how people transform when confronted with the need to continue, to resolve the unknown nature of that place.
$40, $50, $70, $85

REZILIENCE Indigenous Arts Experience: VOICE Concert

7 pm

An all-ages event, VOICE is a night of vibrant contemporary and traditional indigenous musical performances. This second annual event, hosted by hip hop artist Def-I, features multiple genres celebrating our resilience as Indigenous Peoples, and showcases the talents of artists Shining Soul (hip hop), Lindy Vision (alternative), Leela Gilday (acoustic rock), Raye Zaragoza (acoustic rock), and Ranata Yazzie (piano/Navajo songs). The three-and-a-half-hour concert continues the work of REZILIENCE to serve as the premiere platform for resilient indigenous artists to share their “voice” to promote positivity, creativity, and strength of identity for all to experience. Join us in LIVING OUR REZILIENCE!

Click here for more information on REZILIENCE Day.

24th Annual César Chávez Day

March—11 am
Fiesta—12 pm

Join the 24th annual César Chávez Day celebration, with a march—La Marcha de Justicia—beginning at 10:30 am at the Dolores Huerta Gateway Park, picking up additional participants at the National Hispanic Cultural Center at 11:00 am, and ending at noon on the NHCC’s Plaza Mayor. Following the march, the family fiesta at the Center includes poetry, dancing, community exhibits, children’s activities and games, food, a keynote speech by Dolores Huerta, and live music. Additionally, the 2017 César Chávez and Dolores Huerta ¡Sí Se Puede! awards will be presented to people who have served the community in the spirit of the United Farm Workers leaders.

Dolores Huerta, a native of Dawson, New Mexico, was co-founder, with César Chávez, of the United Farm Workers Union. In 2012, Huerta was recognized for her decades of
ceaseless civil rights and labor organizing when Barack Obama granted her the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, the greatest civilian honor in the United States. Huerta’s appearance at this event coincides with Bernalillo County’s renaming of Gateway Park in the South Valley as Dolores Huerta Gateway Park, and follows on the heels of the world premiere of the movie Dolores, a documentary on Huerta’s life, at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Shuttle service and ribbon cutting

Before the march begins, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and a keynote address by Dolores Huerta at the park beginning at  9:30 am. Parking is limited at the park so shuttles will pick up participants at the NHCC education building from 8:30-9:30 am. There will be additional shuttles after the ribbon cutting to return people who can’t participate in the march to the NHCC.

This is  a free public event

Regalos: NHCC’s Spring Craft Fair

10 am to 2 pm

Discover unique and beautiful crafts that make great gifts for your friends and family (or for yourself !) our Spring Regalos craft fair. All purchases not only support local artists and artisans but also the NHCC Foundation, which funds programs and events at the NHCC.

The craft fair will take place outside of La Tiendita, in the NHCC’s Visual Arts Building.

To become a vendor at the event or to get more information about the event, please contact Corina Marquez in the NHCC Foundation at cmarquez@nhccfoundation.org
or 505-383-4705.
Free public event

Revolutions International Theatre Festival: Engine, Un día más sobre la tierra

8 pm

Engine, from Argentina and France, presents Un día más sobre la tierra, a concert featuring violent and sophisticated guitars, overlapped by the raw voices of two actor-musicians. The songs, woven of Latin American rhythms and rock dynamics, punctuated by simple and powerful theatrical ruptures, poetically tell the story of an ancient device floating unseen over the skies of the world. The elegant protagonists sing without stopping, dance scandalously, and throw themselves on the floor with attractive complicity. Engine, the always invisible machine, carries the rhythm of the concert. They evoke it with their songs, and if the machine appears, they might remember something special.  If not, it will have been a great waste of vital forces, and people will wonder how only a couple of people can make such a sublime mess.
$26 w/ $6 discount for students & seniors; group rates available

Revolutions International Theatre Festival: TRI-CICLO

8 pm

Presented by Colombia’s Picnic, TRI-CICLO begins with a direct, personal conversation between the performers and the audience outside the theatre. The audience then settles in for an engrossing journey full of unforgettable characters and situations, improvised in the moment, blossoming from that opening conversation.
$26 w/ $6 discount for students & seniors; group rates available

Revolutions International Theatre Festival: Ndere Troupe, Obuntu Pearls

8 pm—Friday
2 pm—Sunday

Presented by Uganda’s Ndere Troupe, Obuntu Pearls is the celebration of “the beauty in humanity,” where cultural variation is celebrated as wealth and not a reason for conflict, and where respect is for all—irrespective of socioeconomic status, color, gender, creed, nationality, age or political affiliation.

“The reason we call ourselves Ndere (Flute) Troupe is not only because the flute produces very soothing and peaceful music, but, more importantly, because the flute is the only musical instrument that we know exists in all cultures of the world. It is a symbol of human commonality. We believe that if all cultures could spontaneously create and enjoy the same hollow pipe, we can surely co-exist peacefully and enjoy the world equitably.”
$26 w/ $6 discount for students & seniors; group rates available

International Women’s Day Celebration

7 pm to 9 pm

In celebration of International Women’s Day, 19 different voices will perform poetry. The event will feature, Ebony Isis Booth, Alysia Coriz, Mercedes Holtry, Mary Oishi, Brenda Morales, Sarita Gonzalez, Merimee Moffitt, Ana Lopez, Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Brooke Von Blomberg, Eva Crespin, Arlaina Ash, Jules Nyquist, Liza Wolff-Francis, Yasmeen Najmi, Mikki Aronoff, Tina Carlson, Amy Beveridge, and Valerie Martinez.
Free public event

Día de los Muertos: Despedida

5 pm to 7 pm

Día de Muertos is an annual traditional holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and many Hispanic communities. Join the NHCC and experienced, knowledgeable local artists to learn about the meaning of this celebration, the traditional arts and crafts associated with the celebration and development of ofrendas that honor families and individuals.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center will hold its annual Despedida to celebrate  Día de los Muertos with music, poetry and hands-on art making at this time-honored community gathering. This is a great event for all ages. Tour the ofrendas around the NHCC campus; enjoy music, traditional chocolate mexicano, pan de muertos, and sharing of special and heartfelt memories.

For more information please call or email Elena Baca at 505-246-2261 or ElenaD.Baca@state.nm.us
Free community event

This and all other Dia de los Muertos events at the NHCC are generously sponsored by Holman’s USA.