Revolutions International Theatre Festival, Guerra: A Clown Play

January 17-20, 2013

8 pm  - Thursday & Friday

6 pm  - Sunday

Albuquerque Journal Theatre

$23 w/$5 discount for students/seniors

A satirical physical comedy, Guerra: A Clown Play combines slapstick, clown, dance, bouffant, and farce to tell the story of a military outpost desperate for recruits, and the cannon fodder that a hapless General sends to war.  Created by Mexico City company La Piarra in collaboration with writers/directors Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo, this universal story of war's inhumanity is given a darkly humorous edge through the medium of clown.

Performed in three languages, the touring performance was developed through Theater Communication Group's "On the Road" grant and first presented at the In The Works showcase series in Chicago's Millennium Park in 2012.buyticketsnow162.gif