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Reading & Booksigning: Robert Con Davis-Undiano, Mestizos Come Home! Making and Claiming Mexican American Identity

June 21, 2017

6 pm to 8 pm

Join author Robert Con Davis-Undiano for a reading from his recently released book, Mestizos Come Home! Making and Claiming Mexican American Identity.

Davis-Undiano’s landmark book details the profound ways in which Mexican Americans have contributed to U.S. culture since the 1960s. It addresses the need for Mexican Americans and Latinos to stop apologizing for being in the U.S., as well as the need for mainstream culture to stop making them the “enemy.” The intent of the work is to encourage Latinos to take pride in what they have accomplished already, and to help others to be more understanding of what Mexican Americans and other Latinos are continuing to try to accomplish.

Robert Con Davis-Undiano is a Mexican American and a professor/administrator at the University of Oklahoma.
Free public event

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